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Tommy LasordaAt 9:47 a.m. ET on April 18, 2005, Hall of Fame manager and (occasional rapper) Tommy Lasorda opened up with these words: “I’ve been with the Dodgers for 56 years now, and have seen a lot of talented, driven and special players in my day.” He was telling a story, as Tommy loves to do, but it was not just any knd of story. He was telling it on a blog.

It was Major League Baseball’s first blog post. Ever.

With that fitting entry titled “REMEMBERING MY FRIEND JACKIE,” the path was cleared for millions of posts to come from baseball bloggers. As we celebrate the 10th birthday of that first post — right after another big Jackie Robinson Day — we wanted to bring some cool things to your attention:

We’ve relaunched this community as MLB.com/blogs. This social gateway is a blog itself, which we felt was the best way to welcome you to the whole experience. MLB Advanced Media partners with WordPress.com to provide themes and official marks and logos for all 30 clubs plus MLB, and the most state-of-the-art blogging software. All of your important links to manage your blog are listed in the blogger shortcuts here.

We want to bring more recently updated posts to the surface. Using a blog for this will give us more flexibility to surface entries from bloggers like Royals broadcaster Steve Stewart and his new ring, a U.S. Army combat vet in Seattle, or Shoestring Catches and their rationale for their MLB.com Franchise Four picks for Minnesota (you need room to explain all that). We’re excited to debut the RSS feed widgets here as a way to connect them with fresh posts in our community. They are still a work in progress as we work to get them to update more frequently, so check this space regularly.

A lot of friends are celebrating this occasion with us. Jonathan Mayo and Murray Cook started the second and third blogs that day, respectively, and they just checked in with blogaversary greetings. Dodger fan Alyssa Milano just updated for a “new generation.” So did Scott Reifert, the first pro sports exec to blog just about his team; he just welcomed rookie sensation Carlos Rondon aboard. Also checking in were Texans Amanda Rykoff and Kayla Eastepp, who handle social in the front offices of the Astros and Rangers, respectively. Zack Hample was close behind Cook in ’05 and still snags.

Oh, here’s a pic that appeared on May 6, 2005, a few weeks into our blogging venture:


From left to right, that’s Mike Siano (now Vice President, Multimedia Content), Gregg Klayman (Senior Vice President of Product Development and Content Strategy) and Cory Schwartz (Vice President, Stats). You know them. They are MLB.com legends who brought the MLB.com Fantasy 411 world to life, and 10 years later it remains a resource for fantasy baseball owners everywhere. They mostly look the same. You can even get podcasts.

SF Giants Photos put up a great gallery of Ring Ceremony pics, in case you missed those. Alyson Footer has a story to share about no-hit jinxing and Phil Rogers writes about Kris Bryant. Hall of Fame writers Paul Hagen and Tracy Ringolsby give you a book review and some cool facts, respectively. Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford blogs about that wild design on his new cleats. Marlins radio broadcaster Glenn Geffner blogs about his Martin Prado interview. Cait never stops. See the latest PRO Blog roster for many more.

It’s a good time to assign suggest some baseball blog ideas and find out who’s blogging out there. Like Rogers, James Neveau of NBC Chicago used his Windy City Hardball blog here to post about Bryant, and so does George Cotugno with Born On Third. With a baseball blog, you can post your thoughts about every game like Ramblings about the Reds (since 2009), The Brewer Nation (since 2006), Sons of ’84Phillies InsiderRays Radio, More Splash HitsMiami Marlins Minute or The Bucco Blog, whenever you want, and then you can share your posts on all your social accounts in the savvy way rather than dominating others’ Twitter and FB feeds. We’re breaking out StatCast, and with a blog you can embed the MLB.com video within your own analysis of the data.

“I didn’t expect to stick with it as long as I have, but it provides a nice outlet for me during the summer especially,” writes that author of “Ramblings.” “And I don’t bore my family with ramblings about the team haha.” You might want to use MLB Network for all your paragraph breaks like the Joba Joba Joba blogger. You might also want to blog about lineup strategy or your your fantasy league or your community or your Franchise Four picks, because you need some space to explain them and get out any beefs.

Ten years of blogging. So much has changed, yet one thing that stays the same is the public’s need to talk baseball. And you need space to talk. Now Tommy has been with the Dodgers for 66 years, and he still has a blog, and he updated it right after Baseball paused to honor the legacy of his friend Jackie. It’s better than ever.

So, do you have a baseball blog? Tell us about it in comments below.


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