Discover: Weekend Warriors

If you love black-and-white photography, take a look at these pics from Jon Soohoo.

Tim Reilly’s Big Apple Baseball Blog is in baseball bliss, with two first-place teams heading into the Subway Series. Give a warm welcome to Metsin’ Around, which celebrates our 10th blogaversary with a brand-new blog. Love those green 4 express train icons for the Subway Series! Who else has cool graphics? This is one place where we don’t mind if anyone jumps on the bandwagon, whether your team swept its first homestand or not.

Follow this blog...In his fourth year of blogging at Plouffe’s New Hairdo, a diehard Twins fan is snagging tons of baseballs and keeping track here, along with the occasional foray to the record store. Check it out.

Going back to Charlie O. Finley, Oakland style is all its own. Start with the history of A’s mustaches. Jen Rainwater also blogs mainly about the A’s at BBST – Bullpen, Baseball & Sock Talk. Say hey and show some #SockSwag. Speaking of Oakland, who knew Houston would be the only American League West team over .500 entering the weekend action at this point? Blog about the MLB Standings.

Would you actually tally Bumgarner Snotrockets all season with a blog? This fan is. We are not currently using Statcast for that, but will forward it internally for consideration. Diamond Nine is another Giants blog that just updated, and did you know that blogger played Little League in ’61 – when SF was getting acquainted with MLB.

John Newberry’s A Little Pretty Pocket-book is the first known piece of literature to mention the name of our favorite sport, and John Thorn has more on that. If you love a good baseball book, then there are blogs for that. Gregg’s Baseball Bookcase just posted a new book review, and he’s coming up on his first blogaversary so give him a follow. Baseball Books is where our own Hall of Fame baseball writer Paul Hagen reviews books, so be sure you follow there as well. And who has read Roger Kahn’s classic, The Boys of Summer?

Some of us can count. And I count one umpire on this blog. We get it, not everyone loves the ump.

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Discover: Three for Thursday

Bernie Williams

Here are three posts that caught our eye today:

1. Jack O’Connell writes about Bernie Williams finally making his retirement official, over in his The Cutoff Man MLB Pro Blog.

2. Mariners Fan Blog 7th Inning Stretch Time checks in with a post chronicling a recent visit to Safeco Field.

3. Cait Covers the Bases recaps an impressive 7th Annual Weather Day at Miller Park, attended by over 11,000 school-age children on Thursday.

As we told you in the 10th blogaversary post, we’ve relaunched this community as and will be doing a lot more to surface cool new and existing fan and PRO blogs. Check the RSS feeds on the right side of this gateway blog regularly to discover updated posts, and make sure you leave your URL here in comments!

10th blogaversary! Join the party at

Tommy LasordaAt 9:47 a.m. ET on April 18, 2005, Hall of Fame manager and (occasional rapper) Tommy Lasorda opened up with these words: “I’ve been with the Dodgers for 56 years now, and have seen a lot of talented, driven and special players in my day.” He was telling a story, as Tommy loves to do, but it was not just any knd of story. He was telling it on a blog.

It was Major League Baseball’s first blog post. Ever. As we celebrate the 10th birthday of that first post — right after another big Jackie Robinson Day — we wanted to bring some cool things to your attention:

We’ve relaunched this community as This social gateway is a blog itself, which we felt was the best way to welcome you to the whole experience. MLB Advanced Media partners with to provide themes and official marks and logos for all 30 clubs plus MLB, and the most state-of-the-art blogging software. All of your important links to manage your blog are listed in the blogger shortcuts here. (more…)


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